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Hi everyone. My name is Tim, and I am an avid outdoorsman. My family, Michelle, Jake, and Lexi love the outdoors as well. In my life, I have been fortunate to spend time with many people, albeit for short periods, whose talents spread far and wide. Whether teaching me the basics of hunting, fishing, boating, surfing, shaping surfboards, riding motocross, working on my toys, foraging, etc. their experience, and my exposure to them has been invaluable.
I currently work with abused and neglected children, and in my time working in this field I have met so many children, parents, and families who have never seen a wide-open space, have never seen the ocean or any other large body of water, and who have never spent time anywhere outside the concrete jungles that many of us call home. My hope is to offer these people and anyone else who is interested a chance to see the beauty that is out there, both within the city limits, and outside them in our waterways, state parks, national parks, campgrounds and wildlife management areas. We want to take everyone along with us as we see the sights, sounds, and sensations that our beautiful state and country have to offer. Along the way, we will share what we know about identifying wild green edibles and wild mushrooms. Many of us in the United States have lost touch with the natural resources available to us every day, and we hope to change that! As things bend, break, or otherwise go wrong, I’ll also share any tips and tricks I have learned about maintaining our equipment. I’m frugal and like to do my own repairs and maintenance when I can! Thanks for visiting our blog, and please follow us and join our mailing list!IMG_20180518_113443346.jpg

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My name is Tim. I am married to a beautiful wife and have two children.

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